I’m Christian.

I work with heart-centered people like you
– who want to realize their unique potential in the world.

Need a listener?

Are you dealing with too many over-focused people
who want to convince you their solution is the best?

If you’re looking for someone
who listens first,
and helps you find a solution that works for you:

You’re in the right place.

Let’s figure it out together. Whether it’s

Spiritual growth,


or web technologies.


I offer:

Intuitive Coaching

Digital consultancy

Website maintenance

What I Do

I operate on the intersection of tech and faith,
spirituality and project management.

Mixing strategy with associative thinking,
I sprinkle in mindfulness and trust.

Natural movement enthusiast, and MovNat educator in training.

About Me

I’m a trained, experienced, and now retired pastor.

Spiritual seeker.


Depression survivor.



Highly sensitive.


Nerd. – Whatever that means.

Oh, and I make excellent paleo muffins.

Contact me

Drop me a message and let’s connect.